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My deception with The Lefhand of Darkeness :(

I read The Left Hand of Darkness with anxiety and aiming at finding the Ursula K. LeGuin that appears on the sci-fi short stories, the one that is sharp, strong, feminist, savage, intellectual, the one that makes me feel uncomfortable … Continue reading

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The Haunting of Hill House heir to horror literature and movies

Shirley Jackson’s definitive literary masterpiece is the short-story The Lottery—from which the recent Hunger Games derive from, somehow loosely though—. But in worldwide popular culture her most relevant influence is the Haunting of Hill House, a compact novel that inaugurated … Continue reading

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I must admit I was confused when I began reading. The causes of my confusion were two, well they were three. And all come from the book’s cover. First, see the picture of my book? Well, on its cover, above … Continue reading

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‘Gone Girl’, a TV Series that was born as a Novel

The Spanish publisher and editor Jacobo Siruela says he doesn’t like young writers because all of them write as if you were watching an American movie. Today, novels are written as movies and if the first five pages don’t have … Continue reading

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Solar by Ian Mcewan

Ok, first thing this is not Ian McEwan’s best novel and second this is not an apology for solar energy. Even though the publisher and many critics state that the novel is about climate change and its dangers first, and … Continue reading

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Life Sucks in Grimms’ Tales

For the Grimm brothers the raw, inevitable, injustice of life keeps coming back and forth is. This may be weird for some of us because after the Second World War, the US and Europe have insisted in promoting an idea … Continue reading

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