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My deception with The Lefhand of Darkeness :(

I read The Left Hand of Darkness with anxiety and aiming at finding the Ursula K. LeGuin that appears on the sci-fi short stories, the one that is sharp, strong, feminist, savage, intellectual, the one that makes me feel uncomfortable … Continue reading

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The Haunting of Hill House heir to horror literature and movies

Shirley Jackson’s definitive literary masterpiece is the short-story The Lottery—from which the recent Hunger Games derive from, somehow loosely though—. But in worldwide popular culture her most relevant influence is the Haunting of Hill House, a compact novel that inaugurated … Continue reading

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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I must admit I was confused when I began reading. The causes of my confusion were two, well they were three. And all come from the book’s cover. First, see the picture of my book? Well, on its cover, above … Continue reading

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The Man in the High Castle: the book, the series

This is the master piece from Philip K. Dick, above Do Androids Dream of Electric Ship?—better known as Blade Runner for its cinematic version—and Minority Report, also taken to Hollywood. The Man in the High Castle is a literary masterpiece. … Continue reading

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USS Callister

First impression of this episode is you’re either watching a parody or a homage to Star Trek. As it flows, you realize the Star Trek issue was simply the pretext to reproduce a new version of the classic episode It’s … Continue reading

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Is only in the second episode of the fourth season that Black Mirror rises again with cohesive, tight, and smart plots. We don’t have tons of special effects as in U.S.S. Callister (S4E1) but we have a coherent screenplay directed … Continue reading

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Mondo Films Origins

If you watch the Italian film/documentary Monde Cane today you’ll find little to be shocked about, but for your parents and certainly grandparents it opened a new whole view of the world. Half documentary and half movie, Mondo Cane was … Continue reading

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What a Cult Movie is?

The essential definition of a cult movie is: a controversial film that has acquired a passionate fanbase. Let’s add that a cult movie has followers that engage in repeated viewings, that quote dialogue, and write and talk actively about the … Continue reading

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Michel Houellebecq’s Les Particules Elementaires

Or The Elementary Particles in English. This is a straightforward novel where everything is what it seems and therefore, these circumstances, bother most of North American-English speaking-Shades of Gray readers. The 200,000+ place on sales on Amazon of this book … Continue reading

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Four Impressions on Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Four impressions on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. First impression. When I began reading I said: “this is why Audrey Hepburn got famous, by interpreting this innocent playgirl-escort-geisha: Holly Golightly”. Holly is a beautiful girl that knows how to squeeze men to … Continue reading

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