Mondo Films Origins

If you watch the Italian film/documentary Monde Cane today you’ll find little to be shocked about, but for your parents and certainly grandparents it opened a new whole view of the world.

Half documentary and half movie, Mondo Cane was the first movie to dare to show the kind of gross scenes that today populate You Tube. Stuff like the life in Papua New Guinea, the multiple wives of a tribesman leader, people eating insects in New York, US soldiers saying good-bye to a bunch of girls in bikini, geese being over and force fed in France to fatten their livers, a snake store in Singapore, bull’s races in Portugal, and bloody Catholic processions in Italy. When it was released it was an adults only movie… today it would hardly reach a PG-13 status. The world has changed it’s parameters.

It’s not clear how many scenes of the movie are acted and which are real, but at the end the movie became a cult film and the legacy of Monde Cane and Gualterio Jiacopetti the director, was the courage to show the world on film that not all traditions and morals are the same across the world, a duty that unregulated You Tube inherited and has been replicating lately.

Moreover, from 1962 to the 1990s the “mondo” became a genre of movies, a genre dedicated to show how different people is across the world in a documentary. Watch it, though in 2014 it would hardly shock you or your kids.


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