Michel Houellebecq’s Les Particules Elementaires

Or The Elementary Particles in English. This is a straightforward novel where everything is what it seems and therefore, these circumstances, bother most of North American-English speaking-Shades of Gray readers.
The 200,000+ place on sales on Amazon of this book clearly states the books condition on the preferences of English speaking readers. The plot goes against the sellable guidelines of what a plot should be in the English language: there’s no clear conflict, there’s no antagonist, there’s no special item or object, there’s no condition to overcome, there’s no goal to conquer. Therefore, if you read Goodreads’ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/58314.The_Elementary_Particles critiques about the novel you’ll find stuff like:
characters are monodimensional
blatant racism
the story is ridiculous


So? Welcome to real life: life is racist, macho-sided, pornographic, offensive, mono dimensional, and ridiculous. And still you have to live it. None of the main characters in The Elementary Particles is a young, gorgeous, millionaire trying to have funny sex with a 20-something girl. Michel Houellebecq’s characters are in their thirties, overweighed, they aren’t handsome, and from time to time they decide to masturbate. Is this so horrific for American readers? I believe this is so real to be bearable and acceptable for the average North American reader.


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